Mini Symposia > MS11 : Fracture and durability of structures

MS11: Fracture and durability of structures

Organisers: B. Pichler, H. Mang & Y.Yuang 

This minisymposium focuses on recent research advances concerning the interplay between fracture and durability of concrete and concrete structures. As regards cracking of concrete, the minisymposium addresses all relevant physico-chemo-mechanical phenomena including mechanical loading, freezing and thawing, alkali-aggregate reaction, physical salt attack, corrosion of steel rebars, etc. The underlying transport processes and their coupling to fracture of plane and fiber-reinforced concrete are also included. Research studies combining experimental characterization, theoretical modeling, and numerical simulation are particularly encouraged. This also holds for approaches bridging the gap between durability-related processes at nano- and microscopic scales of concrete and the long-term behavior of large-scale reinforced concrete infrastructure.


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