Mini Symposia > MS1: Self healing of concrete

MS1: Self healing of concrete

Organisers: E. Schlangen, L. Ferrara & T. Jefferson

Self-Healing has become a very popular research area in the last decade. Both on the experimental and the modelling side a lot of progress has been made. Self-Healing of cracks can be a way to improve the durability and service life of materials and structures by sealing cracks. Also attempts have been made to mechanically repair the material after fracture and regain the strength. Although the developed techniques are still young, several field applications are realized. The purpose of this mini-symposium is to recognize recent achievements in Self-Healing of cement based materials.

Topics of interest are:

• New Self-Healing Techniques for cement based materials

• Experimental studies for Self-Healing

• Modelling approaches for simulating Self-Healing mechanisms

• Applications of Self-Healing in concrete structures


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