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MS5: Fracture at early age

Organiser: A. Loukili (

Early age cracking sensitivity is a well-known phenomenon and remains a challenge for the concrete industry. The non-structural causes of deformation and cracking are multiples : plastic shrinkage, hydration process, drying, creep… To improve design and durability of concrete, all effects must be well identified in order to take them into account correctly in the design codes. 

The objective of this mini-symposium is to explore the recent advancements in experimental, theorical and numerical analysis of early age fracture of concrete. The authors are invited to submit their contribution on the following topics :

  1. Novel experimental tools to describe the early age behavior of concrete
  2. Experimental and numerical studies on coupling effects between fracture and deformations caused by hydration or drying process.
  3. Multiscale simulation
  4. Effect of alternative binder on early age cracking of concrete 
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